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Introduction to Curt Dunmire
My Interests & Experience

I worked at Motorola for nearly 11 years starting out as a production operator for radio base station repeaters, and then relocated to the cellular base station manufacturing plant. After four years on various production lines, I took on a CAD drafter position for nearly seven years. I worked closely with engineering, rendering CAD drawings and solid modeling design, being proficient in 3 different CAD environments. I also created and updated internal Motorola build procedures for production lines.

Most recently I have been involved in SolidWorks 3D/2D CAD design for injection mold components, providing 3D models for the CNC machines to cut metal plates, mold parts, EOAT for robots, and CNC jigs where necessary. I have also designed plastic parts to be 3D printed for various tasks/purposes. I have enjoyed my last year and two months doing this type of work and have expanded my expertise in using Excel spreadsheets for calculation and record-keeping.

I find invention fascinating and welcome the challenge. I frequently find myself conceptualizing solutions for various sorts of problems and tasks. Currently, I have 2 developed concepts, both in the fitness industry, that I would like to make as well as a number of other product concepts.

I have been involved with web site design since 1996. I designed and maintained the Motorola CAD support intranet Web site for engineering. Starting in 1996, I developed small business web sites for other small companies. I still do Web site development and run my own server.

Here are some Web sites (or pages) I've built and/or continued to support:

  • Creativity-Portal.com Imagination Prompt Generator, major contributor in setting up general layout w/CSS, did all back-end PERL scripting, built responsive design template, and all JavaScript/DHTML. This page was the main design of the whole site, but the rest of the pages have begun to be replaced with a bootstrap based design.
  • Transfercases.com, built whole site—redesigned and converted most of the site pages to responsive design.
  • KaizenMuse.com, built whole site initially, others have done some edits and a few page additions.
  • Metric & Standard Measurement Conversion Widget, page provided as an example to showcase DHTML skills with an interactive user interface and not to highlight design skills.
  • Submit & Verify Links Form, created form pages with back-end PERL scripts to varify, accept, and add in new links to a flat file text database. Purpose of example is to showcase form handling PERL script actions and not to highlight design skills.
Working For You

I would enjoy working with companies that want to utilize my experience in Web site design, CAD drafting/3D modeling, graphic design, technical documentation, and other computer related work/tasks. I look forward to being a valuable contributor to your business.

Please contact me either by phone at 815-566-4510 or via the contact form.

Date: 05/14/22

Summary: Web Site Design SKills/Experience
  • Programming/Coding:
    • HTML
    • DHTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • PERL Script
  • Responsive Web site design for browsers and smartphones
  • Graphic design for Web sites
  • WordPress installation & configuration
  • Text Editor: HTML & scripting
  • Dreamweaver
  • FrontPage
  • Adobe Products:
    • Illustrator
    • PhotoShop
    • ImageReady
    • Adobe Acrobat
  • Server Management: set-up of e-mail accounts & aliasing, domain name and Web site settings, and other server tasks/configurations via Plesk or SSH
  • FTP
Summary: CAD Drafter SKills/Experience
  • SolidWorks 3D/2D CAD
  • SDRC/IDEAS Master Series 3D solid model CAD (a. k. a. Siemens NX, Unigraphics)
  • Computer Vision CAD
  • Claris CAD
  • CAD modeling of:
    • metal castings
    • plastic molded parts
    • sheetmetal parts
    • machined metal parts
    • wire/cable assemblies
    • artwork layout
    • ...and more
  • Print drawings made for vendors and internal build procedures
  • Workstations: Macintosh, UNIX
  • Primary mover/initiator to transform artwork procedures streamlined to save time and money
Summary: Other SKills/Experience
  • Microsoft Office:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Publisher
    • PowerPoint
  • OpenOffice
  • SketchUP 3D model renderer
  • Workstation: Windows, configuration and maintenance
  • Firewall Software configuration
  • Anti-virus Software configuration
  • Mozilla Firefox (use and configuration)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (use and configuration)
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